Forex Card, Dollars, or Cash: Essential Tips for Indian Travelers on International Trips

I use multiple forex cards as sometimes forex cards fail


Pro – mostly for all online international transactional or pos. Take 0% forex

Con – the reload of amount fails and may take 2-3 days to use it back.


One Card

Pro – have never failed at any of the places I did transaction

Con – Take 1% forex for all online international transactional or pos. Not meant for cash withdrawal

Hdfc multi forex card

Pro – ideal for big cash withdrawal

Con – you’ll nearly pay 12-15$ for a single transaction for cash withdrawal


Beyond this heard from fellow traveler that scrapia cards or fi money have been great for Indian traveling abroad

I’m waiting to get by hands on Wise Cards or Revolut once they are launched in India

Most of the forex cards in India sucks. If you don’t have the currency which the card doesn’t support, you may 4/5 percent of transaction amount plus conversion/forex fees.

So always carry some dollars as backup along with multiple forex cards

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